FancySleeper means “an elegant sleeper.” With the brand’s slogan “Catch a Fancy Dream”.
We hope to offer healthy sleep through our high-quality products and helps every
customer create a warm and comfortable sleep and home environment.


Sub-Brand 1st

Catch a Fancy Dream

Our logo uses the initial letter “S” of the brand name as the main shape, which looks like a folded quilt from a distance, highlighting the main product types of the brand. The quilt’s profile presents the moon’s shape, which corresponds to the “C” in the brand name, creating the feeling of a beautiful moonlit night. Besides, the overall tone of the logo perfectly combines the elegant gold and dark grey-blue, which creates a quiet and leisurely atmosphere at night, matching your unique taste and showing a feeling of luxury.


Sub-Brand 2ND LUTE

Make a Sound Sleep

“Never let people worry about their livelihood while lying on expensive bedding.”
– Yes, this is the original idea of Lute.
lute bedding _logo_2-removebg
LUTE is always committed to providing a good quality night’s sleep. After years of research, LUTE has got Oeko Certification and CE Certification. Our product has spread US, Canada, Japan, the UK, Germany, France, Spain and other countries. More than 200000+ customers around the world have bought our products, and more than 10% of them give us a 4.6 rating. The epidemic in 2021 helps us to make a deeper understanding of the Sleep Environment. A healthy, environmentally friendly and comfortable sleeping environment is important to us. LUTE’s philosophy is to Reduce Sleep Costs and Improve Sleep Quality.

Nowadays, many people with dreams and hopes go to various work or learning situations every day to strive for a better future. However, in the face of various pressures, especially the survival pressure, people rarely feel genuinely relaxed and enjoyable except for the moment they drag their tired feet home and lie on beds at night.

Therefore, Lute’s dream is to create a peaceful and comfortable sleep environment for those with busy lives to enjoy their sleeping time and have a sweet dream, as a sentence says: You Feature Depends On Your Dream. To better implement this idea, we set a high standard on both raw material and technics while decreasing our profit ratio so that people can have a better product experience with less money. That’s why Lute has received a significant number of orders and so many favorable reviews within only one year. In addition to the United States, Lute has now sold various high-quality bedding products to many European countries and other regions with multi-platform such as Amazon store of CA, US, JP, FR, DE, UK, AU, ES, FR CDiscount

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