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For All Sleep Positions

Fit for all sleepers, click here to know which position is best/healthy for you.


Hands-Free Easy Clean

Comfortable sleep on the pillows and easy clean to free your hand.


LUTE Pillows Full of Love

Pillows of Lute Series & Fancy Series are full of love in ideas, design and production.

Bed Pillows

FancySleeper bed pillows bring you amazing feelings! You won’t have that “head hits the mattress” feeling when you wake up. Suitable for side, stomach, and back sleepers. What can you benefit from your orders? Fast and free Amazon logistic shipping, 100 nights free trial, if you are unhappy with our products (for any reason) there is a free return policy. And certainly, the FancySleeper bedding store provides lifetime support for your pillows. And if you are a purchasing agent for hotels/schools/companies, you may be attracted by the prices and quality.


Quality Assurance, Safe and Worry-free

OEKO-TEX Certification

LUTE strictly controls material source down alternative pillow (the same as LUTE mattress protector and pad) has achieved the testing and gotten OEKO-TEX certification, strictly controlls material source.

CertiPUR-US Certification

Memory foam pillows have passed the certification test to ensure healthy and safe materials. What is certified foam, click here for more.

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